1. About the new SAVAGES video for STRIFE

    STRIFE - a video directed by Antoine Carlier : http://youtu.be/b-rm2MPi2sM

    "We wanted to make a video that focused on a timeless human physicality and physical expression, a search for understanding through the movement, action and reaction of two characters. We chose the classical landscape of the empty beach. A fight ensues between two men: one older, one younger; a tragic outcome, and death."

    French director Antoine Carlier - co-founder of Pop Noire records with Jehnny Beth, who previously collaborated with the band on their artwork - filmed the scene with a modern black & white aesthetic on the beaches of Gironde in South-West France. The film is a play on human instincts and desire for survival, echoing the famous beach murder scene in the novel ‘The Stranger’ by Albert Camus.

    "Either a tale from the past or science-fiction, this is an endless story of human struggle. We see the fragmentation between two generations, a subject of predilection for Savages (ref: ‘I Am Here’ manifesto), where the “young, intelligent and radical people” live in servitude to established elders."

    Directed by Antoine Carlier
    Produced by Walter Films and Savages
    Actors : Leo Pochat and Richard Duval.

    Read the I AM HERE Manifesto : http://savagesband.com/words/397/i-am-here

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