1. Russian nightmare

    "This is going to be a long and painful day" she said as we met in the hotel lobby. We are in Moscow, Russia, and Clare is our tour manager this week. Today, we have two planes to catch. Flying to Berlin first, then from Berlin to London. Arriving Heathrow airport around 22:00. There is going to be a lot of security checks to go through and a lot of waiting. Thankfully we will be sleeping in our beds tonight.

    There is this Russian women following us everywhere, she is our festival guide. Yesterday we played Subbotnik festival and she picked us up from the airport. She is very insistent for us to do things the way she decides. I don’t think she means to be rude at all, she just cares too much. We stopped in a supermarket to get something to eat before the plane journey today. She was following me everywhere asking what I wanted to eat, I explained I just wanted to have a look around and choose by myself, but she wouldn’t let me go. “This is cheese, this is a good orange”. I’ve noticed people here are really intense. I was getting yelled at by the people organising the festival yesterday because I was late to leave the site as a runner was waiting for me. Maybe it is the language barrier, most people don’t speak English here.

    13:00 The airport in Moscow is insane. Packed with people and very noisy. It seems the place has been designed too small for a city like Moscow. We’ve just been told that our plane to Berlin has one hour delay. Its alright, we can wait. It still leaves us enough time to catch our connexion flight. Earlier, we said goodbye to our tour guide who asked to take a picture with us. She was very happy to have been helpful to us for a few days, she almost didn’t want to leave.
    We went through security, it was terribly disorganised and long. We tried to find some food but all we found was a very bad Greek salad that I didn’t even touch.

    18:35 Now they have announced our plane is going to be an hour and a half late, so we won’t make it on time to catch our second plane in Berlin to London. What a fucking pain. We are trying to book a direct flight to London. I really hope we will make it home tonight. I haven’t eaten anything consistent yet. I have been surviving on fresh orange juice and nuts, just enough to kill the hunger.

    21:30 Still stuck at the airport in Moscow. Still haven’t eaten anything. I talked to Johnny Hostile on the phone to let him know we are not gonna make it to London tonight. Our plane was struck by lightning on the landing, so it cannot fly until they’ve done a complete security check. It is eventually gonna be cancelled. Tomorrow afternoon we are suppose to fly to NY, we are not coming back home for a month. Johnny is going to pack some clothes for me and get in a cab to Heathrow in the morning. I am starting to feel very tired. We still haven’t managed to get our bags back, so we can’t go to a hotel to relax. A loud voice is constantly shouting messages out of the speakers in 5 different languages. So many flights are changing departure gates, it’s insane. I feel like stuck in a nightmare. We saw so many planes flying direct to London today. We saw musicians from other bands boarding on them. We are hating whoever didn’t book direct flights for us right now.

    23:20 We finally walked out of the airport, having spent a day in there without succeeding to go anywhere. We found a bit of food and got into a bus which is now taking us to a hotel somewhere nearby. We are leaving again in 3 hours, back at the airport to get our plane to London. Nobody in Russia speaks English, even in the airport, which made the all situation very complicated for us. I can’t believe people don’t speak English in the international airport of Moscow, it’s insane. The next 48 hours are going to be pretty tough for us. We have booked a hotel room near Heathrow where we are going to rest in the morning until our next fight to NYC at 14:00. This is going to be tiering but we’ll make through. The next day in NY we are recording the pitchfork session from noon to 5pm. As long as we are careful to take as much sleep as we can, we will be fine for our show on Wednesday at Webster Hall.
    As we stepped out of the bus, the driver helped us unload our bags. We said goodbye to him. He looked at us with sad eyes while putting his hands on his heart. He is the nicest old man I’ve seen since we arrived in Russia.

    04:09 Here we are again. Same airport. Same security checks. Same people who try to go before you in the queue. Same people at the desks who don’t know a word of English. It is 16 hours after we first got here today and the place is still immensely packed. I feel the heat coming from too many human bodies being trapped in one single place for too long. The smell of the sweat and the babies screaming. Oh god this place is hell, I just wanna get out of here. Thankfully a very nice lady from the airline manages to upgrade our seats. Thank god for this woman. She was very nice. We thanked her the most we could through the amount of tiredness we were feeling at the time. We finally got into the plane for London. I slept all the way through.

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